Monday, May 16, 2011

I haven't updated in Forever!

Well...I've officially become one of THOSE bloggers that gets so busy before closing that they forget to blog anymore!  Things are moving so quickly, it's hard to believe.  We have our Pre-Demonstration meeting next Tuesday (A week from tomorrow) during which our PM will show us how everything works, etc.  And we close Next Thursday 05/26 at 10!  I am so excited!

I'm also VERY stressed!  It seems that as soon as we turn in one document to the mortgage people, they ask for something else.  I am so ready to be done with this process.  I don't think we will EVER move again!

So far, everything with construction  has gone perfectly.  Other than our ceiling fan being installed in the living room instead of the master bedroom, which was quickly fixed.  Right now we have everything in...hardwood, counters, counter tops, carpet, paint, etc.  We are only waiting on our fridge and the landscaping to be done! 

I was the most excited to see the hardwoods, vinyl & carpets go in.  I had a momentary freak out when i thought that the hardwoods were too dark.  I guess i just had it in my mind that they were a little bit lighter.  I'm glad i chose the shade that i did because i really like them now!  You can't really see in the pics below because there is cardboard on top of them! 

Counters & Microwave!

I Love my Pantry!

This is random, but i walked into an open house one evening to find our dishwasher in a box for anyone to steal!  After this we got locked out!

Hot water!

Going upstairs!  Our railings were finally stained!

Upgraded master bath!

Yes i love my new tub!

View of the whole kitchen, minus the fridge 

Morning room! 

So that's it for now!  I'll update next week!  Pray for us at closing!  I've officially decided that i HATE moving, i HATE packing and i REALLy hate this week before when all of your stuff is packed up and you cant find ANYTHING!  I had a slight meltdown tongiht when we were asked for YET ANOTHER document and of course...i've already packed it up!  Good thing i was home alone for that moment of insanity!  That's why i decided to blog, so i can remember how excited i am about this whole thing!


  1. You looked so happy in the tub. Just keep thinking about that tub as you are packing and moving and finding more documents for the stupid mortgage company. Its all going to be worth it.

  2. *hugs* I get blogging and let out my frustrations and renew my excitement as well!

    It looks great!!

    Another document? This kind of thing scares me. In my mind it's them looking for reasons to say no. Do you get nervous?

    I can't believe your closing already!! It's almost over! Can you believe it? The house of your dreams ... YAY!!!

    GL this week (and next!) GL with packing, moving, unpacking, closing, all of it!!

    Keep us posted! Can't wait to see those floors!

  3. Everything looks beautiful!

  4. I love your banisters! The DH and I are going back and forth on getting them because I REALLY want the and he doesnt want to spent the $1,900 for them. But I think they look so much better than the 1/2 walls.

    Were these an option for you guys or do most communities up there do them standard?

  5. Thanks guys!

    Noob- yes they were an upgrade for us, but worth the money because they opened up the upstairs and loft so much! They stain them to match your hardwoods.

    Noey- every single time our loan processor calls, I'm scared to death. I'm ready for this part to be OVER! It's all too good to be true I feel like it could all be yanked out from under is at any time! Closing day will be such a relief to me!

  6. The bathtub looks sooo heavenly and I am loving it! Whoo hoo one more week then you will be all moved in sooo exciting. Pretty soon you won't ever have to hand in another document once you get your house keyes so that is something to look forward too. :)