Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moving so fast!

I have been MIA for two weeks...I can't believe it! They started offering RN bonus pay at my hospital, which is a long way from not even letting you have overtime I've been working almost every day! I'm exhausted, but at least we will have all new furniture for our new home!

We finally met the conditions for our loan and got our final approval. We also got our official close date from Ryan..... May 27 is the big day! which is exactly the day I wanted to close...but a week earlier than we thought and I had taken off the next week from work, but luckily my managers were super agreeable to changing my schedule! Our lease is up May 31st and we entertained the idea of extending until June 15 so we would have more time, but in the interest of saving $500, we are gonna hurry things up and get out of here!

Drywall is almost complete! It's crazy to see walls and everything! Counters and the rough grade of our lot should happen this week! I'm having a little problem though..... I don't know that I love the colors we picked for the outside of our home. We didn't have much choice because we weren't upgrading to brick or anything, and the houses around us are shades of beige so I thought we'd be different and use the cream color with chocolate brown shutters. I feel like the siding has too much yellow in it, so look at the pics below and let me know what you think!


  1. Congrats on the final approval and closing date. I think the siding and shutters look great! Remember their not done yet so it may look a little funny now, but once they complete the house everything will look awesome!

  2. WOOHOO!!! Congrats on final approval and closing so soon! =) SO happy you could work things out with work!

    I love the house! I think you did a great job picking colors hon! No worries!

  3. Wow you will be living in your brand new house at the end of next month and May is like a week and half away. Are you all packed up and ready to go or have a lot of packing to do? The house pictures are looking GREAT! I cannot wait till the inside of the house are done then you can take even more pictures.

  4. Great pics and I really think the colors look nice! Like Miniq said, I think once everything is complete, you will really like it, sometimes it's hard to imagine the final product! Plus, I think that even if we made different choices, we would second guess those as well! lol, i do it all the time when it comes to this house! I have just decided to tell myself everything I chose looks great and once I accessorize and fill in the spaces, its all going to come together!