Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moving so fast!

I have been MIA for two weeks...I can't believe it! They started offering RN bonus pay at my hospital, which is a long way from not even letting you have overtime I've been working almost every day! I'm exhausted, but at least we will have all new furniture for our new home!

We finally met the conditions for our loan and got our final approval. We also got our official close date from Ryan..... May 27 is the big day! which is exactly the day I wanted to close...but a week earlier than we thought and I had taken off the next week from work, but luckily my managers were super agreeable to changing my schedule! Our lease is up May 31st and we entertained the idea of extending until June 15 so we would have more time, but in the interest of saving $500, we are gonna hurry things up and get out of here!

Drywall is almost complete! It's crazy to see walls and everything! Counters and the rough grade of our lot should happen this week! I'm having a little problem though..... I don't know that I love the colors we picked for the outside of our home. We didn't have much choice because we weren't upgrading to brick or anything, and the houses around us are shades of beige so I thought we'd be different and use the cream color with chocolate brown shutters. I feel like the siding has too much yellow in it, so look at the pics below and let me know what you think!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Framing is complete!

We had our second meeting with Guardian yesterday at the house.  I was excited for this meeting, but i was more excited to get to walk inside the house!  It's amazing that it was framed so quickly.  It's so nice to be able to see where it sits on our lot, our actual yard size, etc.  The meeting went well, but was harder than i expected.  For one, our home is a mirror image of the model home we saw, so it is different in my head than i've been thinking!  We had to decide where we wanted the TV/Data connections in each room.  We had no problems in any room other than the living room and we very much disagreed on this.  I'm still on the fence about if we made the right decision. 

After my husband took off to his baseball game, his dad stopped by to take a look around.  He had alot of insight about different things and noticed some things that we never even thought of!  For instance, he likes how much attic space we have...i never noticed.  Since my dad is blind from his Leukemia & diabetes, his dad is my closest contact for "dad things" Total i got to spend about an hour at the house yesterday, so i'm excited!

Last night we got a TERRIBLE storm that left us stranded in the baseball locker room to avoid a tornado!  Unfortunately this has torn some of the stuff off the outside of the house.  I'm stressed over the fact that it was raining inside my house, although i'm sure it happens all the time!

Friday i got a call from our PM for our weekly update...He said the windows would be installed Friday or Saturday (which they were) plumbing & roofing would be next week.  We will also have our pre-drywall meeting next week also.  I'm excited about this because we need a close date to give our landlords!  Our lease is up May 31st, and they've estimated that to also be our close date, but we have to let them know for sure!

Below are some pictures from yesterday!

Laundry room....

Kitchen to the right/morning room to the left....

Living room...

Down the stairs

upstairs hallway

View out of our bedroom window...

Master closet



Morning room

Some of the back yard

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it's starting to look like a house!!!

There really hasn't been too much to blog about lately.... We've just been waiting for the weather to cooperate! Our PM called last week to say that they were ready to pour the foundation but if it rains on it, it will take twice as long to dry. So we were there Sunday and this is what we saw...

We got some terrible storms Monday night so I decided to drive by yesterday (Tuesday) night to see If the foundation was poured, expecting that it probably had not been. I was SO surprised to see this...

I immediately called the hubby because I couldn't believe the progress. The guardian rep called me Monday to set up a meeting for next Monday and I thought he was crazy thinking it would be finished framing by then... But maybe not! I guess I'll call him back today.

I was concerned by something I saw ok another blog that the guardian Cat 5 connections would not work with the DirecTV HD/DVR. I contacted our guardian rep who stated that he's never heard anything about this. We are in the Chatlotte/SC area so if anyone has any more info on this, please let let me know!

I'm happy to see everyones progress! I can't believe how fast things are moving! 2 months seemed like forever but I'm starting to get nervous about moving!

We had a yard sale on Saturday that was actually pretty successful! I've also also been pretty happy that I've been selling random things on Craigslist that we don't need to move... Like 25 random vases that we used for the candy bar at our wedding and now just collect dust! It's nice to clean things out... And extra $$ when you're building a house is never a bad thing!

We are getting so excited we can't stand it!