Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All Moved In!

I sit here writing this blog from my newly unpacked office that has internet access!  Only 3 days after the big move!  The move itself was easy...i had everything packed, color-coded and ready to go!  My husband's baseball team did all of the work and the entire move took less than 2.5 hours!  I fed the boys some lunch and got ready to start unpacking!  As of yesterday, i had unpacked everything we needed minus some smaller boxes that have books and such in them, but we need some book cases and more storage things, etc. 

Yesterday i went to the grocery store and stocked up on everything we needed and cooked dinner for the first time!  I was quite stressed over messing up my perfect kitchen! Our PM called while i was cooking and reassured me that things will get messy!  During the move we, of course, scratched some walls which is stressing us both out.  I'm going to get our touch-up kit today! 

The worst part of this process was cleaning the old place!  Man should we have hired people to do that for us.  What i thought would take a few hours took an entire day and was miserable!  But as of 5 pm yesterday, we are done with that place!  I never realized how cramped we were in a townhome until we are here with our yard and garage and so much space!  We love our new home!

Our dogs are the most excited about the yard...even if there is no grass except sod in some places!  Our PM called yesterday to check in and say that he's having the landscapers come back by to "touch things up" because he know it rained alot last weekend!  I was shocked and impresse by this.  He has been nothing but wonderful and i can't wait to do his survey! Last week after we closed he was so concerned about a dishwasher front that needed to be replaced after the cleaning people used the wrong cleaner on it and it messed up the front.  He ordered 3 of the same part from different places just to see which would get here first and then continued to call me about it being installed.  I finally told him that it was FINE and for him to go enjoy his weekend! 

Closing was a breeze.  The whole mortgage process was enough to make me go crazy, but we met at the house to look over a few things that we noticed during our walk-through, went to breakfast with our Realtor (because we were about an hour early), signed papers for 40 minutes and we were done.  Our wonderful realtor gave us a welcome mat and a Home Depot gift card which was super nice.  Him and his wife want to take us out to dinner next week also.  For anyone in the Charlotte, NC area...Chad Blakely @ Allen Tate is  a WONDERFUL realtor, i can't say enough good things about him!  We have looked for houses several times before and he was always there to show us anything, research for us, etc, even if we later decided that we weren't ready to buy yet!  I'm sure he was happy when we finally closed even if secretly i think he's going to miss my paranoid texts and crying phone calls, haha!

I've had almost two weeks off from work but i return to the ER tomorrow and i will miss my house terribly while i'm working!  Travis and I tried out the walking trails in the neighborhood with the dogs last night and we met some of the neighbors.  Everyone is so nice and complimentary of the neighborhood.  We also had people say "I didn't even see your house go in!"  Construction moved so quickly! 

I plan to update this blog in a few weeks when some new furniture comes in and maybe after we paint some!  We will be slow decorators i'm sure! 

Good luck to everyone who is still building!  Can't wait to see all of the progress!  I'm going to still keep up with other  blogs.  This blogging community helped me so much when trying to make decisions or know what to expect of the process, etc.   I know there is alot of bad press about Ryan Homes, but we had nothing but a wonderful experience.  Our sales reps, project manager, NVR people, vendors, etc all went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy & satisfied!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! *tosses confetti*

    My Realtor is an Allen Tate one too! Gotta love them!

    You sound so happy!!! I'm so happy for you! GL with getting the rest of the little stuff unpacked and organized. Can't wait for the updated pics!

    Congrats again! =D

  2. So happy to hear everything went so well. Cleaning the old place is always a royal never mind doing it for your own benefit, but when someone else will benefit..well I will leave it at that.

  3. So glad to hear your closing went smoothly. We are closing in 3 weeks and am so excited. I hope our PM will be concerned about our house when we moved in with any issues. Your PM sounds like a great guy.

    Looking forward to be seeing your pics of your house with everything all moved in. Congrats.