Sunday, March 13, 2011

Under Contract!

After deciding on the floor's time to decide on the upgrades.  We deliberated back and forth between many of the upgrades.  For instance...the morning room.  We love the morning room, it adds so much to the house, but it is the most expensive upgrade we were considering.  When we sat down to do the pricing, we did one estimate including most everything we'd want in our "dream house" and we did another estimate including the "essentials"  The cost difference ended up being about $40/month.  With all things considered and how much it would add to the house, plus the fact that we aren't planning to do this again for a LONG time...we went ahead with the more expensive option.  Here are a few of the options that we've included:
  • Morning Room with Gourmet Island
  • Hardwood floors in, kitchen, dining room & morning room.
  • Upgraded owners bathroom including 2 sinks and the soaking tub/shower upgrade.
  • Recessed lights in the kitchen
  • Service door in the garage
  • Ceiling fan rough-ins in all rooms
  • Upgraded size of the patio
  • Upgraded kitchen sink & faucet
  • French door in the front room to make it a "study"
Some of the things that are "upgrades" but don't seem like upgrades to me are:
  • Attic stair pulldown.... (Apparently if you don't add this for $725, you have a square in your ceiling and you have to use your own ladder to get into your attic and it isn't finished with space for storage...)
  • Patio door in the morning room, instead of sliding glass door.
Some things are upgrades, but were included by the builder:
  • Garage door opener with two remotes
  • 42" cabinets
  • $1,500 to use towards an appliance, we needed a refridgerator
  • Hardwood Foyer
  • 2 ceiling fan rough-ins
  • Brushed nickel fixtures
  • 2 cable & 2 data/phone hard wires
  • Stainless appliances
After doing some negotiating, we signed our purchase agreement on 3/1.  We have 7 days to make any structural changes and 14 days to make any other non-structural changes.  Since then, we did not make any structural changes, but we did change a few smaller things like the patio door, added more hard wires, updated carpet, etc.  Those things all came up during our meetings with Rite Rug & Guardian that happened in the next week. 

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  1. I love your upgrades. You will be very happy with them. It's always good to stretch yourself a little when it comes to a house. It is a long term investment.